Getting the right engagement ring

The moment of truth

After a relationship of variable length, you are ready to ask her the big question. If she says yes, you then can go your merry ways into marriage, with all that means for you and your life together. So this is a big thing. If you are asking her the question, it's because you believe she is the one you want. So you better do it right. Because buying an engagement ring isn't just about fullfilling a ritual to ask a certain question a certain way, but it's actually much powerful than that. It's a test in itself, as with every choice you make you are showing the sort and intensity of the feelings that led you to that question in the first place. 

The engagement ring is supposed to be an embodiment of your feelings, your compromise and your wishes to share your life with that special one. So every aspect of it should represent what you actually want to communicate at that moment when you say "would you marry me?". At the same time, the ring represents how you see her: beautiful, worthy and unique. You need to impress her and show her how far you are willing to go and how much you would gladly sacrifice in order to make her happy.

So this isn't the time to save money or effort, but the other way around, in order to push her a bit towards saying yes you have to put your all into this single purchase. So shop around, compare options, styles and prices, and make your choice wisely. There is something very important for you that might depend on how you deal with this one thing.

A worthy ring

There are conventions about how much an engagement ring should be worth and what kind of materials and styles should be used. For example, not any metal will do the job for a great engagement ring. Gold is often the metal of choice because it is valuable and durable, such as their potential marriage should be. Other metals like platinum would do, as long as they are expensive they should be your right option, altough gold is always a safe shot and has become the classic metal for this sort of jewellry.

Diamonds are also customary for an engagement ring. They are valuable gemstones that last for a long time without erosion, and just like gold, for this very reason they represent good omens for the couple. 

When it comes to design, you can freestyle a bit more here. As long as you keep it in good taste, you can try different styles and shapes, you can go more classical or more innovative. If you want to marry her, then you should know her well enough to understand her tastes and imagine which kind of ring she would like the most.

A note on practicity, remember that if she says yes, she will be wearing that ring all day, perhaps for months, until she replaces it with ther wedding band. So the design of the ring should also adapt to her lifestyle. Choose a piece that matches her style, so when she dresses up for a special occassion the ring doesn't stick out as a mismatch for all the rest of her jewellry and accessories. Also, if she has an active lifestyle, try to avoid rings with pointy edges or complicated shapes since they might get stuck with her clothes or hair or be a bother for her in some other way.

The right place for the right ring

If you want to find the right ring for the big question, then you can't just drop by any random store close to your home and pick one there. You have to find a good silversmith with great taste and sense of design, and buy an exquisite piece that will do the job. So you need to talk to the best people.

Hatton Gardens is the place where you should go. Located in London, this classic street is the epicentre of quality and reliability when it comes to shopping for jewellry. So go there if you want to find a great engagement ring, or any other piece for that matter. If things go well, you will be returning soon to get yourself and your bride to be the wedding set for the big occasion. If you feel confident enough, you could get her a beautiful and classy bridal set which will look perfect at the wedding ceremony! 

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