Party Cruises and Living the High Life

You can now improve your usual all-inclusive cruise by booking a cruise line that is ultra-luxurious, costs inclusive of meals, fare and drinks, which also come in business-class cruise form, premium liquor, haute French meals and wines. We have listed sea your history below.

1. Crystal Cruises

This is a cruise line that offers luxurious cruises. It has been providing all-inclusive services during spring, in the year 2012, a step which put it on the same level as other well-known cruises which offer the same services. These cruises have Crystal Symphony and Serenity ships, which have a wide range of services for their guests. The services include a number of anticipated all-inclusive facilities: round-trip fare, restaurants within the ship, spirits and wines to compliment them; exclusive of premium brands, alcoholic-free drinks and staff, dining and housekeeping gratuities.


In the same packages, there are many specialty services like golf lessons from PGA experts, fitness classes as well as shuttles for transport to the port towns. Avid learners have a chance to take enrichment lessons onboard, as well as entertainment such as the series of the lectures on Crystal Vision, which features celebrities and authors, film series, art and computer science lessons. Those guests who book the highly luxurious penthouse suites have the privilege of personal butler, services for unpacking and packing; inclusive of all tips.

2. Seabourn Cruises


This is among the best cruise lines worldwide. It has smaller high-end cruise ships for cultured and experienced cruisers. The ships offered by this cruise line are between size 104 and 223 cabins with suites only. It also caters for airfare, award-winning and gourmet, drinks, food and enrichment classes onboard, featuring guest professionals who create more insight for you while you travel. The small sizes of the ships enable them to maneuver through small areas, which are in most cases exotic such as Mumbai, Phuket, Chile, Thailand and Argentina. The popular packages offered by this cruise line include a massage that is done on deck, a beach party, complimentary water games and wine tasting.

3. Silversea Cruises

Ultra-sophisticated cruises by Silversea have highly customized options for travelling. It also has all-inclusive services which are customized for their guests, and they are allowed to include transfers, airfare, porterage as well as pre-cruise deluxe accommodations. It is a stylish line, which includes concierge and personal butler services, and guests are allowed to participate in the activities they wish to such as classes for culture appreciation like classes for cooking and dance in accordance with the culture of the ports’ people. 


They have small ships which can only accommodate cruisers in hundreds. They travel to such areas as Denmark and South Africa. The small ships hold only a few hundred passengers each, and visit exotic destinations like South Africa and Denmark. Among the best packages by this cruise line is that which offers rare excursions like attending an opera show at the opera house in Sydney, or travelling to such remote areas as the Borneo orangutan sanctuary using a boat.

4. SeaDream Yacht Cruise


It has two special "mega-yachts" which accommodate 112 passengers each, with 95 employees onboard, who serve to meet all the customers’ needs. It has all-inclusive packages which feature gourmet food, ocean-view staterooms, an open bar, lessons for tai chi and yoga daily, a casino onboard and usage of such water toys as glass-bottom kayaks, water skis, wakeboards, WaveRunners and snorkeling gear. The cruise line also allows for special activities such as watching movies outside at night, a Caviar and Champagne splash, 5-star barbecue at the beachside, with quaffed Caviar and Champagne. This event takes place on a port.

5. Regent Cruise- Seven Seas


This cruise line offers all-inclusive packages, and a unique offer where you can pay 2-for-1 transport. The rates included are airfare, meals, open bars and gratuities. The inclusive fares by Regent also include all day room service, penthouse butlers and a wide range of adventure at ports. The best features are excursions and they cost the highest on cruises that are non-inclusive. With regent, you can travel onshore to places such as the elephant riding in a Thai forest, visiting the Luxor and Karnak temples of Egypt or attending a Barcelona flamenco show.

Parting Shot

Once you are on a luxurious ship, you are welcomed by a hostess who offers you bubbly, and a room steward who carries your luggage and leads you to your suite. You put your luggage in a closet and walk outside to tour the ship. On your way, you are greeted, by your name, by welcoming crewmembers. Amazing experience, isn’t it? You just need to give cruising a try.

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